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About Keely


I am a mother of 3 beautiful souls, who are teaching me incredible things and who are bringing me so much joy. This human life has had it's happy moments, and incredible challenges too. After going through a divorce upon my spiritual awakening in 2018, I have self healed from trauma and broken free from programming and limiting beliefs. I continue to go deeper into creating freedom and becoming unlimited. Within my healing journey, I discovered layers and layers of who I am, and what my spirit essence is, and where it originates. My answers have come in puzzle pieces throughout the years, my spirit team prefers it that way to avoid overwhelm and to allow me to process and integrate. It has allowed me to have more self love, self acceptance, and to accept that I have a huge impact on others. My presence alone will transform you. The Universe and I will team up to assist you on your journey of personal evolution. In 2020, I learned that I am a Manifestor according to Human Design. Manifestors make up 8-9% of the world's population. It was more validation for me that I am rare and unique, and that I have something very valuable to offer the world. I am here to create new things, to be a trailblazer, and to birth higher vibrational energies to Earth.

In 2021 I received my Reiki Master certification and I also mentored with Sarah Sparks to step more into my soul's calling. It was a year of more preparation, and beginning to share with the world. I experimented with the impact I have through interactions, being fully aware of how people responded and a lot of times, reacted to my energy. It allowed me to be even more introspective. I learned to be even more empowered and confident.


Then, something unexpected happened. I had a major initiation for all of 2022. This time it went deeper than I could have ever imagined. And I thought I had gone deep. I was called to step back from my professional practice which meant a pause on taking in clients, taking a hiatus from interacting with the Des Moines spiritual community, erasing the identity that I was proud of and was clinging onto, and diving into the unknown. Some call this an ego death, and it very much felt like death. I had intense experiences of astral traveling while consciously aware/awake. Sometimes I was feeling everything and everyone in all times and dimensions and realities, all at once. It was extremely overwhelming and scary, and I felt 100% crazy at times. I no longer attributed to one belief system, but could see and agree with all beliefs. Near the end of the year, I went into a downward spiral of Nihilsm, which was another wtf moment. This was a darkness I had never experienced before, one where for the first time in my life, I did not know if I could get out of and didn't see any hope. I FELT and saw the matrix/simulation on a whole new level. And I felt despair, depressed, angry, and helpless. To truly feel no meaning to life is a pretty terrifying thing. After surrendering and accepting this new place I had found myself in, I received help. Divine guidance from my angels lent me a hand out of the hole I had fallen in and I came out with peace and renewal.


Immediately with the start of 2023, I became a certified Beyond Quantum Healing practitioner. It is very similar to the well-known QHHT modality. This added tool in my toolbox is expansive on a whole new level, and I am very excited to see where it takes me. I know what my spirit team is asking of me next, and it is multidimensional. Quantum. There are plans of workshops and retreats in the future, so stay tuned!

Besides Beyond Quantum Healing, I also offer card readings, dream interpretation, reiki and sound healing, and spiritual guidance. To learn more about these services and to book an appointment, click here.

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