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What is a Starseed?

A Starseed is a high vibrational soul who has lived in many places other than Earth, many times. We have lived on other planets, in other galaxies, in other dimensions, and in other realms. We often have a longing for "home", especially when we look up at the stars at night. But because of living on Earth, we don't really know where that is. If we move around, we are never comfortable with where we live. A Starseed is a multidimensional being. While here on Earth, we know we are more than this current life. We feel incredibly different than most people. We often feel out of place amongst a crowd, isolated and lonely. And once we awaken spiritually, this is felt deeply. We were never meant to fit in this world because we are here to create a new one.

I believe all humans have been to other places at some point in their incarnation journeys. I also believe that when Earth came into existence, after some time, she wanted beings who were of a higher consciousness to inhabit her planet and that's when humans were created. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience.


Some of us have a specific reason for being here, and have important missions. Starseeds have been strategically placed all over the world. When incarnated on to Earth, everyone experiences amnesia. By the age of 7 we forget who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. It is important for Starseeds to awaken to who they are and I believe a lot of us have at this time. We are extremely gifted and once we awaken, our intuitive gifts are activated or they become strengthened. 


Why the term Starseed? Because we have been planted. Mother Gaia put out a call, and we answered. Our general mission is to simply be here to raise the vibration of the human collective, because Gaia needs us to. We also have a specific reason for being here other than just being the powerful light that we are. It is our choice (free will) to discover what our purpose is and to fulfill it so that it will exponentially raise the vibration of those around us.


It's also important to integrate our human selves in order to fully activate our light codes from our cosmic lifetimes. Earth is the only planet where huge amount of growth can occur for a soul. It is an honor to be here right now. Gaia is shifting into 5D. Not only do we get to witness it, but we are also aiding her! What an amazing time to be human!


"Your soul had a dream, your life is it."

 -Rebecca Campbell

I have been waiting for you.

I've gone through my own path of healing and mastery for 3.5 years. I have transcended the identity of victim into who I am today. And the person I am today has accepted my mission. I know what I am here to do and I am ready to serve. For the first half of 2021, I worked in the quantum field and worked with Spirit to bring me those who I am here to guide. 

My entire life I have never felt normal, I played small in order to try to fit in to what other people are comfortable with or how they think I should be. I've often looked up at the stars at night and thought to myself, "I just want to go home!". I just wanted to be free but I didn't know how. I felt like no one could ever understand me, because I am infinitely complex. I always found myself triggering many people no matter how hard I tried to please them or "shapeshift" myself into who they wanted me to be. I found myself overwhelmed by this world with all the noise, discord, and polarization. I didn't understand why I was here because I just could not relate to any of it. I am a compassionate, incredibly loving, giving, and deeply feeling human. How could I possibly find my place here?

But over the course of 3 years, I did eventually integrate my galactic self with my human self. It was solidified in April of 2021 when I had a profound plant medicine experience one night. I feel more at home in this body. I am proud to be an incarnated human now.

I have walked the journey from sleeping to waking, playing in both the light and the dark.


I have merged both worlds together.


I am here to show you how to find the way home. I will be your bridge.

I have created an exclusive, private 6 month journey for my Starseed tribe. I will work one on one with you for a safe space of self discovery, for breaking free of limiting beliefs that all humans have had to live with, and for expansion to your highest self in order to be the light that you were meant to be.


During each session you will:

  • Receive reiki healing

  • Have guided meditation

  • Be given channeled messages

  • Have your dreams interpreted

  • Be given guidance and the tools to galactic empowerment:

    • Learn how to interpret your own dreams by being taught everything in my dream course.​

    • Inner Child healing

    • Understanding and parenting your ego

    • Eliminate your limiting beliefs on a quantum level

    • Manifestation

    • Using your intuitive gifts

    • And more.

Every session includes worksheets to reveal the unconscious, and assignments to practice what you learn. You will attract experiences toward you in order to create understandings, which is crucial for soul growth. You have to apply the knowledge that you learn.


I am here for every step of the way of your unveiling. You will be in a sacred container of love and acceptance. Together, we will come to understand kinship between galactics here on Earth. And in turn, will make a difference energetically. It will add more unity consciousness to a planet that is experiencing separation but in desperate need of full integration of Christ consciousness.

So, Starseed... are you ready to go on an adventure with me? Fill out the form below to get started. Ask me anything!

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